Green your Home

If you have been following my newsletters regularly, you will know that each month we feature a great product, service or idea. This month, it is time to toot our own horn! So far, 2009 has been quite an unusual year and in this economy we have found it very easy to become even more green. We are proud to offer 2 new services for our clients.

1.) Energy Modeling: With this technology and with certain facts about your home such as north south orientation, building square footage and size of the building envelope, mechanical systems, window sizes and locations, insulation, etc, we can predict the energy usage of your home, based on your local utility rates.

Using house plans we design for you, or with plans you already have, we input the necessary data to show you the various cost-savings options for your particular house design. Which HVAC system do you need? What type of insulation is the most cost-effective? What type of water heater should you invest in—tank or tankless? Should you do solar water and/or Solar PV?

In order to “Green” a home in the most cost-effective manner, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every house. Using our Energy Modeling technology, we can help you make critical decisions without guessing. We work with you to determine what to change in your home to make it more energy-efficient or even Zero-Energy!

This technology can be done for any construction project whether it new construction or remodel addition. It can even be done on an existing home if you are planning on a major energy renovation by replacing any or all insulation, mechanicals, ducts, roofing or adding additional shading on sunny windows.

2.) 3-D Modeling: This new service is not as green as the first, but it compliments it beautifully. 3-D Modeling is a wonderful way to see your home while still in the design stage of planning your home. To see a home this way will help to identify not only the look and feel, but potential problem areas that are difficult for a homeowner to see. This technique helps to reduce the cost of adjustments in the field during construction.

With 3-D Modeling, a client can even see changes made to the design, in real time, during a design consultation! As a result, our design process becomes even more of a “conversation,” with all participants being able to easily visualize the options we are discussing at the meeting. The 3-D Model, also serves a basis for the data we would need for Energy Modeling, so when these services are used together on the same project, the costs to the homeowner are greatly reduced.

It is exciting to see how this kind of technology can make it easier to be green. Let us try it out on your house!

Green Living Tips!

I welcome inspirations from your home to put into future newsletters. Email them to me; Cammi Klier. Thanks!!

I recently tried a new natural bathtub cleaner. My kids play hard and they are dirty, so the bathtub usually needs more than a one time per week cleaning. This product called Green Works Natural Bathtub Cleaner by Clorox is made with filtered water, a coconut based cleaning agent, citric acid and essential oil for fragrance. There is no bleach or phosphorus. It cut through soap scum like nothing else I have used. Let me know what you use in your bathtub!