How do I design a home that I can afford?

Costs of construction and materials are on the rise, so the biggest return on your money is to be conscious of the size of your home. The design of your home is crucial to this. Ask yourself “How do I really live?” and “What do I need in my home and what do I want?” In many cases you may find that some of your wants can combine with some of your needs. In stead of having formal and informal dining areas, you may create an open kitchen — dining area that suites your entertaining needs. Or you may desire to have a library and a home office. A creative design may work this into a hall way with a row of bookshelves on one side and a hideaway office nook on the other. These kinds of space saving solutions will save you far more money than your choice of materials. With a quality design team, you can have a beautiful, spacious, square footage conscious home that doesn’t break the bank!