What is Linoleum Flooring?

Many people hear that word as a “catch-all” term for any synthetic flooring. Not true! It is a natural product invented in 1860 and is made of linseed oil, pigments, pine rosin and pine flour. Linoleum was later replaced in popularity by vinyl floor coverings of the 1960s, but is regaining popularity today as an affordable natural alternative to vinyl… There are a great many styles and colors to choose from including wood grain and slate.

Installation should include a 0-VOC adhesive by Forbo called L910. This adhesive takes several days to cure so be sure that water does not seep in at the edges, your Linoleum will bubble and will have to be re-installed. To help prevent that from happening, a 0-VOC caulk should be placed at the perimeter seems at the time of installation.